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Printer Settings Help

We have put together a few tips for getting the best results from your paper and printer. This is just a starting point, and you can contact us for more detailed advice if necessary.

Printing with Photo and Fine Art inkjet papers: 

- Print on the coated side of the paper
- Hold the paper by the edges to avoid marking the surface
- RC and Fine art papers will be touch dry after printing.
- Leave papers to dry for a minimum of 12 hrs (glossy) and 24 hrs (Matte / Fine Art) before mounting or framing. 
- Always print using ‘Best’ or highest’ quality in the print set-up.
- Use 1440dpi, there is no need to print generally at 2880dpi, it will use more ink, and your eye won’t see any difference. 


The settings here are suggested when printing directly from an application such as Elements or Photoshop and using the ‘Printer manages Colours’ option.


Where possible we recommend you uses an ICC profile for the paper and printer combination, if one is available. 


The following Links to manufacturers website provide ICC profiles to download and further instructions on printing with ICC profiles and settings.